Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Tuesday, like monday, only a day later.

Starting a blog is like going on a blind date: awkward.

I’m going to be honest: this is not my first post. No. this is a post, I feel obligated to write, because the other posts already ready for publishing do not make sense to put up as my first. So, here I am in front of my computer racking my brain what to write in this post. Firstly hello and thanks for stopping by.

It's been a month since I moved to Krakow, and finally, I’m getting to the writing of this blog. I imagined in the long anticipatory period prior to my move, that I would create this blog, and channel my inner artist, who has been, more or less, dormant for the last, I'd say, 3 years (no. wedding crafts do not count.). I had this vision of myself running around in, obviously, hip clothing with my recently purchased (at the Great Glebe Garage Sale) manual camera, taking avant-garde black and white photos of interesting stuff. Stuff that I would later scan and place on this blog. So, of course it is ironic that today, of all days, I’m starting this project - a project I refuse to just dream or talk about: a project, I’m resolved to just do. Today, when I’m lying on my bed in excruciating abdominal pain. Leftover Chinese food seems to be the culprit, so far as I can tell. Needless to say, I'm typing this from a horizontal position, accompanied by the obnoxiously loud sounds of renovation coming from the neighboring apartment. Apparently 2pm in the afternoon is just as good a time as any to drill into tile for several hours. The noise is so loud, at first, I thought it was coming from outside. So much for taking a nap to sleep this off.

Krakow is beautiful; from my apartment I can see Wawel Castle. Between the castle and my apartment runs the Wisła (Vistula) river, which divides Poland from north (the Baltic Sea) to south (Tatra Mountains). The land on Wawel hill has been settled since the 4th century, AD, according to archeological remains. Earliest settlement has been placed as far back as 100 BC. The castle itself was erected in the 11th century AD, and was the coronation place of all Polish Monarchs, up until the 18th century. Among its many attractions, it contains a crypt where all the Polish Monarchs have been laid, and the lair of the Smok Wawelski, (Wawel Dragon), who, according to legend, ravaged the countryside every day. Apperantly, the dragon could not be defeated by any prince in the land (all the princes sucked at dragon-slaying). He also had a particularily infamous taste for young women. Only after eating one, would he leave the people and their land alone. So the people started feeding him their daughters on a daily basis( talk about a utilitarian society). This went on until only one young woman left - the king's daughter (obviously). As the story goes, the king promised his daughter's hand to anyone who might slay the dragon. A young, poor cobbler finally volunteered for the job. He set out a lamb filled with sulfur before the dragon's lair. After eating the lamb, the dragon became extremely thirsty. So thirsty, in fact, that he drank half the Wisła and exploded. Obviously, the cobbler married the princess. You can still visit the dragon's lair, which is in the caves below Wawel.

Wawel is just one of the amazing things awaiting discovery in this city. Every morning I wake up and see the view from my window, and think, I live here. /I/ actually LIVE here. I can't wait to share more with you once I’m feeling better. There's no lack of inspiration in this city. <3>

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  1. Hello Mrs. Inspired,

    Thank you for the update - lovely blog, will be checking in regularly to see how you are both doing.

    Wow, Krakow, yeah I could see myself there right now, no mistake.

    Pozdro z Ottawy!